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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC), an instrumentation manufacturer founded in 1963, is celebrating 50 years of innovation. BNC manufactures industry-leading lines of precision test, measurement and nuclear instrumentation. Our application engineers are available to discuss your specific needs, either by phone or live-chat. From precision timing to signal analysis to detector systems, we embrace the most demanding needs. A quick phone call to our headquarters will illustrate what has given the BNC brand credibility worldwide.

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While there are 100s of models to choose from, there are a few noteworthy instruments we love to talk about. They lead their respective industries and you will soon learn why. Our Model 577 is an 8-Channel,+250 picosecond Digital Delay Generator. Our PB-5 is the gold standard in NIM Precision Pulse Generator. Berkeley Nucleonics is home of the SAM Isotope Identifier series, a line of ANSI compliant handheld Isotope Identifiers(RIID) with full software, training and service support. For frequency up to 40 GHz, our latest Microwave/RF Signal Sources deliver compact designs with powerful performance. And finally, our detector fabrication. We manufacture high-performance detector systems using SDD, SiLi or HPGe. While many of these are shipped with a single element, we are routinely building custom systems with up to 14 elements for beam lines in the world's leading particle physics centers.

BNC's Handheld Radiation Detection Systems Group is widely accepted as an authority on small PRD/RIID and survey meters used in applications ranging from HazMat teams and First Responders to complex border protection and environmental monitoring tasks. Our suite of tools offer real time medical, industrial, SNM and NORM nuclear isotope identification. We have added telemetry and networking options, GPS and reach-back solutions. New algorithms in the Model 971 Food-SAFE enables speedy food and water sample analysis in a portable kit. Furthermore, BNC offers an accredited training program which provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques involved in radiation detection and isotope identification. Both our classroom program with exercises and our online programs provides CEUs. Regional courses are held worldwide and often tailored to our students applications. So please don't delay give us a phone call at 800-234-7858 or try ourLive Help chat feature - we are happy to hear from you.

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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

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